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CAMUCAMU is known in an existing plant as highest vitamins C source on the earth.

It is said that vitamins C more than about 2 times, about 3 times, about 56 times or more about 60 times, about 40 times, 300 times of a blueberry of a kiwi fruit of a lemon of the rose hips of acerola is included in CAMUCAMU. In addition, it is said to CAMUCAMU even if niacin of 3 times of an orange, lipoFra bottle, phosphorus of 1.5 times of 2 times are each included.

CAMUCAMU is a friend of a guava. CAMUCAMU is seen in the Peruvian Amazon upper classes well. As meters above the sea level becomes low, the number of CAMUCAMU decreases from Peru to Brazil, but a trial of cultivation of full-scale CAMUCAMU seems to be begun recently by economic value of CAMUCAMU attracting attention. There is many vitamins C, and that CAMUCAMU attracts attention is included in the round fruit which had pink flesh of fruit to a big leaf and red skin in a real part of CAMUCAMU.

It is applied, and, as for CAMUCAMU, a market of CAMUCAMU opens juice, syrup, ice, marmalade, liqueur from a thing with much content of vitamins C steadily recently.

Healthy element included in CAMUCAMU

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