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Food element thought to be effective in Adult disease


Food including Arginine thought to be effective in Adult disease.
Maca  /  Wheat germ  /  Soybean  /  Sunflower seed  /  Peanut  /  Laver  /  Sesame  /  Walnut (English walnut)  /  

Docosa-hexaenoic acid (DHA)

Food including Docosa-hexaenoic acid (DHA) thought to be effective in Adult disease.
Pompano  /  Herring roe  /  Mackerel pike  /  Herring  /  Trout  /  Liver of angler  /  Salmon  /  Shishamo smelt  /  Conger myriaster  /  Salted dried sardine  /  Sardine  /  Salted salmon roe  /  Sea bream  /  Amberjack(Yellowtail)  /  Sagittated calamary  /  Eel  /  Mackerel  /  Cod roe  /  Tuna  /  

Nucleic acid

Food including Nucleic acid thought to be effective in Adult disease.
Fishes' milts  /  Beer yeast  /  Laver  /  Clam  /  Oyster  /  Soybean  /  

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Effect access ranking
01:High blood pressure
02:Weight loss
03:antioxidant effect
06:Mental health
08:Blood circulation
09:Liver function
10:Atopic dermatitis

Other examples of effect
    Poor circulation
    Antiinflammatory effect
    Breast augmentation
    Prostate cancer
    Breast cancer
    Uterine cancer
    Liver function
    Skin whitening
    Atopic dermatitis
    Dry skin
    Fatty liver
    Anti blood clot
    Healthy stomach
    Anti virus



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