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'Health matrix' is a related summary of health and food the chain according to the connection of < element >< food >< effect > by the link.


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Element ranking    Effect ranking    Food ranking
04:Hyaluronic acid
06:Soy Peptide
08:Apple Pectin
10:Lactic acid bacteria
   01:antioxidant effect
03:Beautiful skin
06:Good cholesterol
07:High blood pressure
09:Age spot/Fleck
10:Skin whitening
02:Sea squirt (ascidian)
03:Surf smelt
04:Guava tea (Common Guava tea)
08:Persimmon (Sharon fruit)
09:Chicken lever
10:Garland chrysanthemum

About this site

It is time when made this WEB site had felt the decline of the body somehow. I thought that I would consume a supplement, but understood no supplement if I drank it whether I was effective. Therefore it was the opportunity when I settled this WEB site for to have begun a study.

I understood that I could make up for nourishment balance if careful about food not the, a supplement. When the correlation diagram of food and nourishment is made, having made easily to inspect by understanding when a peculiar link function to WEB is very convenient, and using the function is this site.

There is still a part on the way for development because at first it was a site made for me. Please understand that there is some of information to lack in a correct gender beforehand. It is a level "It is possible to expect it" because there is an individual variation for the effect. Implication to make up for a minus symptom when an ingredient was short is often found about an effect in fact.

I think that it can use this site based on such assumption.



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 [Example of element]

    Beer yeast
    D fraction


 [Example of effect]

    Good cholesterol
    Liver complaint
    Cardiac arrest
    Age spot/Fleck
    Beautiful skin
    antioxidant effect
    Mucous membranes
    Hay fever


 [Example of food]

    Japanese ginger
    Persimmon (Sharon fruit)
    Salmon Milt
    Cod Ovum (Pacific cod milt)
    Chrysanthemum (chukka)
    Forbidden Black Rice (Forbidden rice)
    Hard Squash
    Barley oil
    Palm oil
    wheat Grains
    Brussels sprouts (Sprout )
    Chinese scholar tree (Sophora)
    Green Papaya (Young Papaya)


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