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'Health matrix' is a related summary of health and food the chain according to the connection of < element >< food >< effect > by the link.


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05:Sesaminol Sesamin
06:Nattokinase(bacillus natto)
10:Arachidonic Acid
   01:Blood circulation
02:High blood pressure
05:Functions of the intestines
06:Weight loss
08:Reducing stress
09:Mental health
02:Ark shell
03:Brown seaweed (Undaria pinnatifida)
05:Forbidden Black Rice (Forbidden rice)
07:Shimeji mushroom
09:Mackerel pike

About this site

It is time when made this WEB site had felt the decline of the body somehow. I thought that I would consume a supplement, but understood no supplement if I drank it whether I was effective. Therefore it was the opportunity when I settled this WEB site for to have begun a study.

I understood that I could make up for nourishment balance if careful about food not the, a supplement. When the correlation diagram of food and nourishment is made, having made easily to inspect by understanding when a peculiar link function to WEB is very convenient, and using the function is this site.

There is still a part on the way for development because at first it was a site made for me. Please understand that there is some of information to lack in a correct gender beforehand. It is a level "It is possible to expect it" because there is an individual variation for the effect. Implication to make up for a minus symptom when an ingredient was short is often found about an effect in fact.

I think that it can use this site based on such assumption.



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 [Example of element]

    Coenzyme Q10(CoQ10)
    Nucleic acid
    Amino Acids


 [Example of effect]

    Cholesterol control
    Weight loss
    Degenerative arthropathy
    Functions of the intestines
    Stiff neck
    Blood circulation
    Reducing stress


 [Example of food]

    Pericarp of apple
    Pericarp of grape
    Pueraria mirifica (Kwao Kreu)
    Bean curd refuse
    Daikon sprouts (white radish sprouts)
    Japanese Mustard Spinach (Komatsuna)
    Japanese radish leaf
    Butterbur scape
    Turnip leaf
    buds of aralia (taranome)
    Okra (gumbo / gombo)


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